Frequently Asked Questions

A Lakeland Hauntings Ghost Walk is a walking tour through an historic Cumbrian town. There are frequent stops along the way for the telling of ghostly tales from the local area. The walks are led by “The Lady”, an elegant character in full Victorian mourning dress.

Pre-booking is essential to avoid disappointment. If it looks like a particular walk is going to sell out Lakeland Hauntings will try to schedule additional walks.

The only “ghost” you will see that has been provided by Lakeland Hauntings is that of the character of “The Lady”. Lakeland Hauntings does not have sufficient power over the spirit world to arrange ghostly sightings by appointment but keep your eyes open, you never know. Lakeland Hauntings is a theatre company telling ghostly tales. We are not mediums and are not in contact with any force other than the living.

There are no loud bangs or people jumping out on you. Scary is probably the wrong word. The stories and locations are atmospheric and undeniably spooky, the hairs on the back of your neck will tell you if it is scary.

That depends very much on the child. Be aware that the Ghost Walks are written with an adult audience in mind but are broadly accessible to children 10 years and above. This is a live theatre event which allows for a great deal of flexibility to pitch the performance to make the stories accessible to a varied audience. The Cockermouth walk meets at a public house where children are welcome. However, some parents may feel uncomfortable with taking their children into an evening pub environment, this is not a problem. The walk actually starts and ends outside the pub so make sure “The Lady” knows you have arrived and wait outside for the group to join you. All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Please ensure that children are well wrapped up.

This is the Lake District, those lakes must be filled somehow so rain is to be expected. Please dress for the weather and wear suitable footwear. In extreme adverse weather conditions we will contact those who have pre-booked to give them the option of cancelling or postponing the walk. It has been my experience so far that the majority of customers have decided to brave the elements. You are a hardy lot.

Yes. The walks are capped at 30 people. This is to allow for greater subtlety in the performance and to ensure all members of the audience are able to see and hear the stories comfortably.

Yes, dogs are very welcome. So long as you are confident that your dog is well behaved in a crowd and with dogs it does not know and so long as it is fit enough to keep up and not delay the progress of the walk then dogs are welcome. There are no loud bangs  but I cannot guarantee the human spectators on the walks will not jump or scream on occasions. If the presence of your dog is detrimentally affecting the enjoyment of others on the walk then you may be asked to leave. The Bush in Cockermouth is a dog friendly pub.

The stories have been meticulously researched and are all based in local legend, myth, folklore, actual events and/or eyewitness accounts. Minor details may be embellished for dramatic purposes but, essentially the stories are told to you as they were told to me.